Luxury Haircare in Indianapolis

This once visionary idea was built into Bobby Cooper Salon in early 2007. The Salon was designed and executed in a collaborative spirit, really focusing on the core of the company’s culture. What was created was a culture of “connectivity” with the clients- realizing that making it an all around pleasurable experience will ultimately be the key to long term success. The whole feel of the salon is meant to flatter every client that walks in the door and convince them they couldn’t possibly be in better hands.

Bobby Cooper Salon is a luxury hair salon with simple core values: Consistency, integrity of the hair, and client experience. We have a high focus on monthly education, enthusiasm, passion and respect. We believe in working as a team and inspiring a positively contagious environment. We pride ourselves in being an all around beauty resource to our clients knowing that hair can be everyone’s best accessory.

Love your Hair. . . We Do!

From the lobby you can view the main salon, which is the spine and soul of the entire space. All of the stylists are in an open and spacious environment which symbolizes communication. The large backroom, where colors are formulated to magical perfection, is considered the “think tank” of the modern salon.

The objective was to create a space that is in recognition of the attraction we all have to beauty- to create something that oozes inspiration, and leaves clients and stylists always craving more.

Featured Stylist

Co-Founder - Master Stylist